Mercy in the City hopes to see a world where refugees, minorities, and displaced persons are welcomed in communities. We desire to see communities become more than just neighbors - they become friends.

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Reda is originally from a small rural village in Egypt. As a young adult, Reda moved to Zanzibar and married his beautiful wife, Kalina. While in Zanzibar, Reda found his entrepreneurial spirit. He saw different needs arising around construction and sought to fill it. Reda moved to the United States in 2015 and began working for his friend’s roofing company. Since then, Reda has acquired the skills needed to become a great roofer as well as the skills to become a great contractor.

Reda saw friends who had come from the Middle East, and even though most would have been happy to stay in their homelands had it not been for war and their families’ safety, they were now desperately trying to become a part of the “American Dream.” However, the reality of language barriers and trying to navigate the system that had not been designed for them kept them out of the construction industry. Reda wanted to support his fellow Middle Easterners who had hard work ethics and desires for a better life for their families. Along the journey, he realized all immigrants and refugees and most vulnerable persons in our city need a place and so he works hard to pass on to them the opportunities and experiences that have been given to him.  Reda started RK Contractors – a commercial and residential construction company – with a desire to see people grow, relationships build, and our city thrive.

Reda is a husband, a father to three, a brother to many, and a friend to all. He desires to see both people he knows and people he doesn’t yet know to grow and succeed.

Reda had the vision to start Mercy in the City back in 2019. His desire is to see all communities grow, thrive, and work together for the common good of one another. Reda has firsthand experience with the gaps in the system when it comes to resources for minority peoples, displaced persons, and refugees. The goal of Mercy in the City is to help fill in where gaps are to help our community of Kansas City succeed.

Reda Founder
Reda Mercy in the City Founder

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